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         Martha's Counseling gives mental health services to clients in Lawrence, Methuen, North Andover, and Haverhill Massachusetts. Due to the contemporaneous, common family circumstances in these cities, which are the family composition, sometimes with only one single parent, parents working full time and leaving the children in daycare, or after school programs, clients with lack of private transportation and economic stressors, Martha's Counseling offers outpatient Individual and Family therapy at night hours and Saturdays all day long.
        Martha's Counseling has specialized in working with immigrant families. Most of our clients are immigrant kids, or first generation Americans with immigrant parents, many of them living in a chronic survival state. Martha's Counseling believes that in order to get good mental health for these parents and their children, the therapy has to include that they learn their strengths, to have dreams, to see the same opportunities than other children, from different economic and social status, have.  Martha's Counseling help their clients doing the steps to reach those opportunities in order to succeed.  
      Martha's Counseling has the great professional purpose of serving the community honestly in accordance with its needs. Here, we do not ignore culture, we respect it.  We work within the general culture and the particular family culture.  However, with the same respect we help the family or the individual client to develop the necessary degree of acculturation that help to develop appropriate adaptive behaviors.
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101 Amesbury St
Suite 205
Lawrence, MA 01840

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